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GFit Suspension Training System
GFit Suspension Training System

The GFit Suspension Trainer gives you the power to train at home or on the go. Mounts easily to any door or sturdy object, no tools needed. A training system using your own bodyweight to strengthen core, build muscle, burn fat, and increase endurance. Benefits also include improved balance and flexibility. An ideal workout for all fitness levels.

Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Adjustable Body Weight Resistance Straps
  • Door Anchor
  • Anchor Strap Extension
  • Travel Bag
  • Exercise Instruction Guide
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Power Bands Kit
Power Bands Kit

GenerationFit’s Power Bands are strong, thick resistance bands, durable enough for a variety of exercises. 41 inches in loop length and made of premium quality 100% natural rubber latex. Ideal for assisted pull ups, stretching, improving range of motion and building strength. Use for physical therapy exercises, pull ups, home workouts and in the gym.

The Power Band Kit comes with 4 sizes of bands, in 4 levels of resistance.

Red: ½ inch thick, Light Resistance

Black: .9 inch thick, Medium Resistance

Purple: 1.3 inch thick, Heavy Resistance

Green: 1.7 inch thick, X Heavy Resistance

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Resistance Band 35lb-Safety Sleeve Covered
Resistance Band 35lb-Safety Sleeve Covered

Description: GenerationFit’s Orange 35lb Resistance Band is ideal for low impact, heavy resistance training.

Covered with a protective nylon safety sleeve providing for a safe and effective workout. Carabiner clips connect easily to band accessories.  Ideal for your upper body, lower body or core exercise routines.

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25lb Resistance Band Training Kit
Resistance Band Set – 25lb Safety Sleeve Covered

GenerationFit’s Red 25lb resistance band set is ideal for low impact, heavy resistance training. Set includes all of the accessories you need for a full body workout.

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12 Inch Loop Band Set
12 Inch Loop Band Set

Effective for both upper and lower body training exercises. Know the difference – GenerationFit’s loop bands are made of 100% PREMIUM quality natural latex.

Use loop bands alone for a total body workout. When used in conjunction with other exercises, the resistance of our loop bands recruit important core and stabilizing muscles, giving you a better workout.

This set includes 3 levels of resistance. Use anywhere, anytime.


Yellow – Light
Green – Medium
Grey – Heavy
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Muscle Recovery Pack
Muscle Recovery Pack

GenerationFit has created the perfect set of wellness tools.

The top performing products for flexibility, mobility and performance. It is wellness in a bag!

The Muscle Recovery Pack includes:

  • Mini Foam Roller 6 X 2 inch
  • Stretch Strap 6ft with 12 loops
  • Lacrosse Trigger Point Massage Ball
  • Travel Bag
  • Instruction Guide
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Deep Tissue Foam Roller
Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Description: GenerationFit’s Deep Tissue Foam Roller is designed to increase blood flow and circulation to your muscles while improving mobility, recovery and performance.

By slowly rolling over tight areas of your body, our Deep Tissue Foam Roller is a smart cost-effective way to relieve sore muscles and loosen stiffness. The texture is ideal for self-myofascial release. Can be used for a warm up or a cool down.

Use as an unstable surface to perform challenging exercises.

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Complete Resistance Band Kit
Total Body Resistance Band Kit

A complete gym in a bag! Everything you need to build strength and tone your entire body.

This kit mimics gym cable machines found in every health club. Get the same workout at home, no membership fees required.

Includes interchangeable resistance bands and accessories.

Great for any fitness level. Portable – Affordable – Easy to use



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