GFit Suspension Training System

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The GFit Suspension Trainer gives you the power to train at home or on the go. Mounts easily to any door or sturdy object, no tools needed. A training system using your own bodyweight to strengthen core, build muscle, burn fat, and increase endurance. Benefits also include improved balance and flexibility. An ideal workout for all fitness levels.

Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Adjustable Body Weight Resistance Straps
  • Door Anchor
  • Anchor Strap Extension
  • Travel Bag
  • Exercise Instruction Guide

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All-In-One Training System

The GFit Suspension Training System is a full body training system that uses gravity and your own bodyweight. Suitable for all fitness levels, it is one of the easiest pieces of gym equipment to learn. The intensity depends on the user; YOU are in control. In the past few years, suspension trainers have become the biggest trend in home fitness, in the gym and in physical therapy offices. Their range of uses is unmatchable. When building your home gym, you want the right gear, for the right results. And the most versatile equipment, giving you more bang for your buck. The GFit Suspension Training System is that training system! It offers the benefits of multiple gym machines in one portable, easy to store kit. Increase endurance, strengthen your core, burn fat, build muscle, and improve your flexibility. In addition, you will also get your heart rate up, providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. This is the training system that will get you ripped right at your home!

Benefits of Suspension Training

This is a FULL comprehensive training tool. Using the GFit Suspension Trainer system requires gravity, functional movements, strength, and endurance. When working with gravity, core and stability come in to play. The user determines the amount of gravity involved. Easily adjust the straps of the training system to increase the difficulty level. Imagine, just 2 adjustable straps that provide an engaging workout for every single muscle in your body. Our system includes the accessories along with the 2 adjustable straps. Suspension exercises require stability, which works smaller stabilizing muscles, improving your functional strength. While exercising, you control your body in various moves, using multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. When you perform stability movements, you are using your core muscles. When your body is forced to stabilize and balance throughout your workout, you engage more muscle and constantly engage your core with every move. Enjoy multifunctional movements, push, and pull exercises along with planks, squats, rotational moves and so much more. The Gfit Suspension Trainer is the best trainer as it builds strength in a way that single muscle movements, like bicep curls, do not.

Exercise Outdoors

Go outside and get fit with fresh air! Workout outdoors and enjoy the benefits of what the environment offers. Sunshine, vitamin D and the invigorating feel of an open-air exercise session. There is nothing better! Our suspension trainer gives you the option to be creative. The included Anchor Strap Extension lets you attach your trainer to any sturdy structure. A tree, rafters, playground equipment, or pull up bars. Look for a sturdy overhead anchor point that is around 7–9 feet from the ground and strong enough to hold your body weight. Get outside, step out of the office, and achieve a healthy workout on your lunch break. The convenient travel bag makes it the ideal training tool to take with you anywhere.

Low Impact Workouts

Feel good knowing that you are building strength with the low impact design of the GFit Suspension Trainer. You will increase strength, balance, and core stability, but with less joint stress. Having the straps suspended creates a more joint-friendly workout while still achieving remarkable results. This specific training system is ideal for rehab because of the low impact nature. Safe for anyone, with low risk of injury. Simply change the position of your body slightly to increase or decrease the load on your muscles. Physical therapists use the GFit Suspension Training system for rehab and to increase muscle in their patients. Why do they choose our product? Because we use industrial grade materials, it was designed by a fitness trainer and priced affordably. It is perfect for those recovering from injury; they use it for flexibility, range of motion, dynamic moves and to strengthen injured areas without posing a risk of more injury. You do not find this with traditional weight training gear. The GFit Suspension System is gentle on the joints, yet effective for training.

Industrial-Grade Materials 

Work out as soon as you get it! No tools needed. Use the Door Anchor (included) in any door to anchor your suspension straps and start training. No worries, the Door Anchor will not damage doors or walls. For more options, add the Anchor Strap Extension (included) for extra length, or to attach to other objects. The industrial grade nylon straps can tolerate over 400lbs. The straps are easy to adjust, make them longer or shorter, depending on the exercise you perform. Simply hold the nylon strap and press the steel cam buckle to adjust straps. No hard plastic on our product! Only the best materials. Clipping into the anchors with the heavy-duty steel carabiners is quick and easy. Rubber non-slip handles feel comfortable and are easy to clean. Set up in 60 seconds, leaving you more time to enjoy your full body workout. Compact and portable enough to throw into the travel bag and take anywhere you go. Never miss a workout!

Exercise Guide

Wondering how to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered! You get an exercise instruction guide that comes with 10 exercises, covering every major muscle group. Enjoy a rewarding full body workout with the BEST suspension training system!


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  1. James

    Awesome suspension trainer. High Quality materials. Able to train anywhere I go. Love this thing.

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