Performance Jump Rope
Performance Jump Rope – Cardio Speed Rope

A quality jump rope is one of the best investments that you can make in your workout gear. GenerationFit’s performance jump rope is one size fits all, adjust the length to the correct setting in less than 5 minutes.

Add fun and creativity to your workouts knowing you have precision high speed ball-bearings, a tangle-resistant PVC rope that is designed with contoured foam handles to prevent hand fatigue and cramping. The lightweight design ensures you’ll get a great workout without any hassle.

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Anywhere Anchor for Resistance Band Training
Anywhere Anchor for Resistance Bands

GenerationFit’s heavy duty Anywhere Anchor attaches to almost anything, allowing you to accomplish a resistance band strength training workout anywhere.

Thick nylon web with soft neoprene padded ends to preserve the life of your resistance bands.

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Sport Waist Pack – Running Belt – Diabelt
Sport Waist Pack – Running Belt – Diabelt

The low-profile design of GenerationFit’s unisex Sport Waist Pack is perfect for storing your earpods, keys, or essentials.

It is lightweight, waterproof, sweatproof and made with reflective details to keep you visible at night.

Whether you’re biking, running or walking your dog, the Sport Waist Pack will keep your hands free and your items secure.

Made of comfortable material, with an easily adjustable waist size 25”– 40 “

Thanks to the ergonomic expandable pockets design, you can carry your necessities while still maintaining a lean profile.

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Picture of a door anchor door anchor
Door Anchor For Resistance Band Exercises

Made with heavy duty nylon and a soft foam wheel to safely attach your bands while protecting your door from abrasions and scratches.

Increase the number of exercises you can perform, targeting every major muscle group.

Our door anchor allows you to mimic machines found in a gym, turning your door safely into a home gym. Insert the door anchor at various levels to achieve upper body, lower body and core workouts.
The large loop end of the door anchor is cleverly designed, allowing you feed one or more bands through it.

It’s time to take your resistance band workout to a whole new level.

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Flat Band Handles
Flat Band Handles for Resistance Bands

Discover GenerationFit’s flat band handles and increase the amount of exercises you can perform. GenerationFit’s flat band handles provides a comfortable workout by preventing flat bands from slipping out of sweaty hands.

Our flat band handles attach quickly and easily to your bands. With our comfort foam grip, you will be able to maintain proper wrist alignment throughout your workout.

Sold as a pair.

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Picture of Resistance Band Handles
Premium Resistance Band Handles

GenerationFit’s Premium no-slip grip handles. Heavy duty nylon strap with solid steel ring. GenerationFit’s handles are easy to use and are built too last.

Designed with strength in mind. Extra wide grips, ideal for all hand sizes. Comfort foam over a solid ABS core, with industrial-grade double stitched nylon and a steel ring.

Sold as a pair.


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Ankle Straps for Resistance Bands
Ankle Straps For Resistance Bands

Fully adjustable ankle straps with strong velcro and reinforced steel d-ring.

Say goodbye to flabby, as comfort meets purpose, you’ll be able to strengthen legs with confidence.

Our ankle straps are easy to attach to GenerationFit resistance bands or to a cable machine.
Great for glutes, hamstrings, hips, inner thighs and ab exercises.


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Accessories for Resistance Band Training
Resistance Band Accessory Kit

GenerationFit’s Resistance Band Accessory Kit is the must-have accessory kit for any band set! Create versatility and far more options in your workout routine by adding GenerationFit’s Resistance Band Accessory Kit.

For your home gym or on the go workouts, these accessories were custom made for your resistance bands.

This ultimate accessory kit includes:

  • Premium Resistance Band Handles – 1 Pair
  • Padded, Adjustable Ankle Straps – 1 Pair
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Door Anchor
  • Anywhere Anchor for Resistance Bands
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