Picture Of Kelly

One of my favorite quotes: It’s not about adding years to your life. It’s about adding life to your years.

At the age of 12, near death and in the hospital, it was discovered that I had Type 1 “Juvenile” Diabetes. The autoimmune version of diabetes, where my body no longer produces insulin. Being told that I would live about 20 years – A short life filled with complications ranging from amputations, heart attacks, blindness and much more, the outlook was bleak. I learned how to inject insulin (beef and pork) and how to test my urine for glucose – blood sugar meters did not yet exist. My life became full of limitations.

In time I started taking small risks, challenging my disease and its obstacles. One challenge was being physically active. Which led to boxing! And I was HOOKED!

I became stronger. I felt much more alive, happier, empowered. Regardless of the limitations given, I did what I wanted.

When I hit that 20 year anniversary with diabetes, I was amazed! In the back of mind there was a voice saying, ‘your time’s running out’. Yet, I felt STRONG! I pushed forward. Over the years many doctors have told me that exercise has kept me alive and thriving. My rebellion is what saved me!

Fitness was my passion. I became a certified personal trainer. I received my certificate as a Diabetic Educator.

As the decades went on, my diabetes became very brittle. I was experiencing many problems with blood sugars during my workouts. I felt defeated.

Then the idea hit me. I will create a line of fitness products that I could use at home, in the park or anywhere I went. So I did (finger snap!). To this day, I continue to exercise. My A1c’s and blood sugars are consistently in the most ideal range.

The best lesson I learned was: Weight is not what matters. HEALTH is. Exercise is healing. Muscle and movement is medicine. Our bodies respond miraculously well.

There is irrefutable evidence regarding the benefits of exercise and health improvement along with disease prevention. Looking lean with an extra pep in my step? Well heck, that’s just an added bonus!!

41 years into my disease, I am strong, independent, inspired and I have a very positive outlook! Exercise – Strength training along with cardio has made me stronger not only physically but mentally. Life’s challenges won’t stop me. That little voice in my head can’t stop me. I’m bigger, badder and better than all of it. Yeah, I’ve got this.

If I can do this, YOU CAN! WE CAN!!! (Virtual High Five!)