There are a ton of easy ways to use loop bands. For example, use to warm up before a heavy workout. Or use loop bands as the main source of resistance for your workout. Loop band exercises make it easy to target your glute muscles. Weightlifters, and anyone that’s training at all can benefit from using them.

Prevent injury by working with resistance loop bands. Strengthen stabilizing muscles in the scapula, glutes, hips, and legs. At the same time, isolate the exact areas you want to focus on.

Effective for both upper and lower body exercises. These versatile mini bands are joint friendly, leaving you less prone to injury. Great for those who want to exercise at home, or who like to take their workouts along when they travel.

This inexpensive exercise tool offers many benefits over traditional free weights. With resistance loop bands,you have constant tension. You won’t rely on gravity as you would with weights. Your muscles are under tension for an extended period of time. Which means they’re working longer, more. Thus, creating healthy muscle fibers.

One pack contains enough resistance options to customize your workout according to your goals. What could be more convenient? Results! With 6 levels of resistance, you can challenge your strength and build muscles that are harder to isolate. Whether performing kickbacks or monster walks. Bicep curls or a pelvic bridge. With GenerationFit’s loop bands, you’ll take your workout to a whole new level!

12 Inch Loop Band Set
12 Inch Loop Band Set

Effective for both upper and lower body training exercises. Know the difference – GenerationFit’s loop bands are made of 100% PREMIUM quality natural latex.

Use loop bands alone for a total body workout. When used in conjunction with other exercises, the resistance of our loop bands recruit important core and stabilizing muscles, giving you a better workout.

This set includes 3 levels of resistance. Use anywhere, anytime.


Yellow – Light
Green – Medium
Grey – Heavy
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The Fit Kit
The Fit Kit

A home gym doesn’t have to be bulky to get results. GenerationFit’s kits are small but pack a big punch. Use consistently and you’ll notice dramatic results!

Whether your revamping your workout or are new to fitness, this kit has everything you need.

GenerationFit gives you more bang for your buck with the Fit Kit.

  • Resistance Flat Bands in 3 levels
  • Loop Bands in 3 levels
  • Jump Rope
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