5 Minute Workout

5 Minute Workout vs No Workout

For many, committing to daily hour-long workouts seems impossible. Life is busy. But anyone can set aside 5 minutes a day to squeeze in micro workouts & work up a quick sweat. It may not seem like enough time, but 5 minutes WILL produce results.

Benefits of regular exercise include everything from losing weight to getting better sleep to stabilizing blood sugars & increasing energy levels. Research has shown that you get health benefits from 5 minute chunks of exercise.

An intense 5 minute workout can help you burn more fat all day. Exercise physiologists call this post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Even after your workout, the body continues to burn energy & calories at a faster rate than normal. So, you continue to take in more oxygen to help the body return to its resting state. That incredible afterburn effect can last up to 48 hours after exercise.

Remember, you don’t need a gym or complicated equipment to get those sweat-seshes on. Grab some resistance bands, dumbbells or use your body weight. A combo of cardio & strength training is ideal.Those 5-minute seshes can add up over time, building muscle, leaning out, speeding up metabolism. Before you know it, what started out as a challenging five minutes becomes much easier! And believe me, you will see results!

TAKEAWAY: When faced with a choice of five minutes or zero for exercise, five minutes wins!

Try this 5 minute routine with a resistance band:

  • Perform squats with bicep curls for one minute
  • Lunges with front shoulder raises for one minute
  • Tricep Kickbacks for one minute
  • Wall or Counter Top Push Up for one minute
  • Plank for one minute

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