12 Inch Loop Band Set

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Effective for both upper and lower body training exercises. Know the difference – GenerationFit’s loop bands are made of 100% PREMIUM quality natural latex.

Use loop bands alone for a total body workout. When used in conjunction with other exercises, the resistance of our loop bands recruit important core and stabilizing muscles, giving you a better workout.

This set includes 3 levels of resistance. Use anywhere, anytime.


Yellow – Light
Green – Medium
Grey – Heavy

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Our 12 Inch Loop Band Set is used by both physical therapists and personal trainers for rehabilitation, to increase range of motion, for injury prevention and to promote muscle tone and growth. Improve hip control, relieve pain in the lower back, ankles and knees. Strengthen shoulders and rotator cuffs. These versatile loop bands are joint friendly, leaving you less prone to injury.

Results! With 3 levels of resistance, you can challenge your strength and build muscles that are harder to isolate. Whether performing kickbacks, monster walks, tricep extensions, a modified plank or a pelvic bridge using GenerationFit’s loop bands, you’ll take your workout to a whole new level!


Benefits you will feel and see:

• Isolate your glutes during squats
• Strengthen hips, relieve lower back pain
• Use for a warm up or cool down
• Strengthen rotator cuffs safely with our loop bands
• Recover you leg or knee injury
• Great for pilates and yoga
• Build strength in ankles
• Add loop bands to planks, proceed with hand reaches or leg lifts. You’ll build strong shoulders and strong glutes while building a solid core
• Keep your knees in proper alignment during squats
• Ideal for physical therapy exercises
• Reshape your body after having a baby

6 reviews for 12 Inch Loop Band Set

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  1. Tiffini M.

  2. Ernesto M.

    Superior Quality Products

  3. Wendy F.

    Great Bands – High Quality

  4. Theresa W.

    These bands are the best. I love the variety of strength levels that come in the set. I purchased one set for the office and one for home. Also, they shipped quickly!

  5. Joanne Milo

    Lightning fast, so personable … great company!

  6. merritt mckeon

    Really really handy and high quality. I am thinking of carrying one in my purse for instant workouts during the day if I am out and about.

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