The top performing products needed in muscle recovery, stretching and flexibility. Flexibility and recovery training is an essential part of staying healthy. From athletes to professionals to beginners, everyone requires flexibility and recovery exercises. A commitment to preparation and recovery is key. Use before or after workouts.

The gear you can use in a well-rounded fitness routine. Increase flexibility, loosen stiff muscles and prevent injury with these tools. Target tight muscles, stretch deeper and increase range of motion. Stretching incorrectly can do more harm than good. Not only will these products make it easier, they will improve overall muscle function.

Discover an easy way to improve flexibility, with our stretch strap. Get the deep stretch without compromising your form. Use the stretch strap to perform deep, safe partner-free stretches.

Foam rollers are used to break up knots in muscles that restrict movement. Simply use the deep tissue foam roller to massage tight muscles. Enable your muscles to work more effectively.

Stretching and massaging muscles aid in recovery and prevent injury. Promote healthy muscles, range of motion and improve flexibility using GenerationFit’s products.

Picture of Lacrosse massage ball
Lacrosse Trigger Point Massage Ball

Roll away stiff muscles in hard to reach areas using GenerationFit’s Lacrosse Ball. This firm rubber ball is perfect for trigger point therapy. You can finally reach those tight spots and reduce pain using the ball for self-massages daily.

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Mini Foam Roller for Still Muscles
Mini Foam Roller

Roll out stiff muscles and pain with this small foam roller made specifically for hard to reach areas. With computer jobs, people suffer from stiff necks, wrist problems, and tight forearms. Using GenerationFit’s Mini Foam Roller at your desk will ease these issues.  Treat plantar fasciitis, tight calves, stiff shoulders, sciatica and more. Compact enough to take with you wherever you go.

  • Mini Foam Roller 6 X 2 inch
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GenerationFit Stretch Strap
GenerationFit Stretch Strap

The Stretch Strap measures 6 feet in length with 12 loops. GenerationFit’s Stretch Strap is made of professional grade nylon for durability. The padded ends allow for a comfortable grip.

Designed to help improve flexibility and go deeper into your stretch without the need of a partner.

Our non-elastic strap offers you a safe and effective aid in relieving tight muscles while keeping you injury-free.

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Muscle Recovery Pack
Muscle Recovery Pack

GenerationFit has created the perfect set of wellness tools.

The top performing products for flexibility, mobility and performance. It is wellness in a bag!

The Muscle Recovery Pack includes:

  • Mini Foam Roller 6 X 2 inch
  • Stretch Strap 6ft with 12 loops
  • Lacrosse Trigger Point Massage Ball
  • Travel Bag
  • Instruction Guide
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Deep Tissue Foam Roller
Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Description: GenerationFit’s Deep Tissue Foam Roller is designed to increase blood flow and circulation to your muscles while improving mobility, recovery and performance.

By slowly rolling over tight areas of your body, our Deep Tissue Foam Roller is a smart cost-effective way to relieve sore muscles and loosen stiffness. The texture is ideal for self-myofascial release. Can be used for a warm up or a cool down.

Use as an unstable surface to perform challenging exercises.

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