Door Anchor For Resistance Band Exercises

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Made with heavy duty nylon and a soft foam wheel to safely attach your bands while protecting your door from abrasions and scratches.

Increase the number of exercises you can perform, targeting every major muscle group.

Our door anchor allows you to mimic machines found in a gym, turning your door safely into a home gym. Insert the door anchor at various levels to achieve upper body, lower body and core workouts.
The large loop end of the door anchor is cleverly designed, allowing you feed one or more bands through it.

It’s time to take your resistance band workout to a whole new level.

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Turn Any Door Into A Gym With Our Door Anchor

Our door anchor for resistance band exercises is made with heavy duty nylon and a soft foam wheel to safely attach your bands while protecting your door from abrasions and scratches.

Increase the number of exercises you can perform, targeting every major muscle group. Small size is ideal for any living space.

Easy to use, designed specifically to anchor resistance bands to hinge side of any standard door frame. GeneraitionFit’s Door Anchor will allow you to keep doing exercise at home, or in your office, or in a hotel.


An Essential Part Of Resistance Band Training

Looking to add some spice to your workout routine? Ready for the next level of resistance band training? GenerationFit’s Door Anchor is the ultimate new addition to your home gym.
Since this is the most durable and comprehensively designed door anchor available, you can change the angle of resistance and drastically increase the number of exercises you perform.

For those suffering from injuries – Use the door anchor comfortably while sitting on a chair to perform your workouts. This is where durability and functionality are as good as it gets.

Furthermore, our door anchor allows you to customize your workouts! Use multiple bands. Place the anchor in the door at the desired height for an unlimited variety of body sculpting exercises.

GenerationFit’s Door Anchor is lightweight and ultra-portable, so you can take your workout routine on the road.

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• Extra long anchor strap
• Durable webbing and heavy-duty construction
• Fits multiple bands for customized workouts
• Foam stopper will not damage door
• Easily slides into place
• Light-weight



• Varies angle of resistance for more comprehensive workout
• Protects cables from wear
• Allows for full body workouts anywhere
• Turns your door into a gym
• Excellent training tool for at-home or on-the-go workouts
• No partner needed
• Greater number of possibilities in exercise options
• Can be used with standing workouts or chair-seated workouts
• Suitable for upper body, core and leg exercises


Strengthening Matters

Healthy muscles let you move freely and keep your body strong. Strong bodies also have strong bones. Resistance training, also known as strength training, increases bone mineral density.

Aerobic activity is important for our lungs and our heart. It is effective in weight loss, however it is not the best in burning fat and increasing muscle. If you lose weight strictly through cardio (aerobic) activity, you are losing both fat and muscle. If resistance training isn’t part of your routine, you could slow down your metabolism by losing lean muscle mass. This can lead to weight loss plateaus. Building lean muscle speeds up your fat-burning metabolism.

Using GenerationFit’s Door Anchor with GenerationFit’s Resistance Bands to build strong, healthy muscles will provide balance, strength, help you lift things and pump blood through your body. Performing these exercises even boosts immunity. Feel good knowing that your resistance training exercises play a critical role in preventing disease while enhancing your health – particularly as you get older.

The right products help you accomplish twice the results with half the effort.

31 reviews for Door Anchor For Resistance Band Exercises

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  1. Barbara D.

  2. Anna L.

    Arrived quickly and as promised! Great product as we shift to working out at home.

  3. joseph johnson

  4. catherine doyle

    Quick service. Quality of product is as described. Very happy

  5. Merissa

    Good product. The shipping was quick, even with expected shipping delays. It doesn’t work with my front door (the door doesn’t close all the way), but works well with another door in the house. I expect to get much use out of it for home workouts and travel.

  6. Lilia

    I used this anchor 2x & it is already fraying

    • Jim

      Hi Lilia,
      We are very sorry to here that. That should not have happened. We are going to send you a replacement right away.

      Thank you again,

  7. Tamara

    Better than expected and very sturdy! It’s a must have addition to home workout equipment. Happy with my purchase.

  8. Anonymous

  9. Anonymous

    This things great!!!!

  10. Jamel Mosley

    These are just what I needed, these anchors helped take my workouts to the next level. They are durable and the quality is excellent

  11. Joshua M.

  12. LEE

  13. Mitchell Torres

    Great product and fast service

  14. Marine KRZISCH

  15. Jon Manette

    Really reasonable price; kind person answered the phone

  16. Lauren

    Fasting shipping, works great with my loop bands.

  17. Dominick

  18. Jesse

  19. Jill B.

    Exactly what I needed and delivered quickly- despite the pandemic!

  20. Anonymous

    Great Product

  21. Gary Forer

  22. Juan Mendez

    I just received in the mail this weekend and will start using it today.

  23. Arthur Koons

  24. Dave

    Quick delivery, great product.

  25. Patricia Farmer

    Perfect for resistance Bands

  26. Diane

    Great Door Anchor

  27. Anonymous

    Great Door Anchor!

  28. Anonymous

    Customer service was amazing when dealing with a postal issue..thanks! Item is perfect, even with heavy battle ropes.

  29. Sheila

    Great product!

  30. Anonymous

    Excellent Heavy Duty Design!

  31. merritt mckeon

    Unbelievable that it turns a door and a band, into a gym. Super secure and easy to use.

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