Picture of a door anchor door anchor
Door Anchor For Resistance Band Exercises

Made with heavy duty nylon and a soft foam wheel to safely attach your bands while protecting your door from abrasions and scratches.

Increase the number of exercises you can perform, targeting every major muscle group.

Our door anchor allows you to mimic machines found in a gym, turning your door safely into a home gym. Insert the door anchor at various levels to achieve upper body, lower body and core workouts.
The large loop end of the door anchor is cleverly designed, allowing you feed one or more bands through it.

It’s time to take your resistance band workout to a whole new level.

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Picture of 35lb Resistance Band with door anchor, handles and ankle straps
Resistance Band Set – 35lb Safety Sleeve Covered

GenerationFit’s Orange 35lb Safety Sleeve Covered Resistance Band Set is ideal for low impact, heavy resistance training. Set includes all of the accessories you need for a full body workout.

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