Heavy Resistance Flat Band Kit– We’ve Got You Handled!

GenerationFit’s Flat Band Handles can not be found in stores. Our handles are an uncommon find. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll be happy to have made the discovery! Ideal accessory for flat band training routines. At home, at the office, or on the go. These handles allow you to adjust the length of the band according to the exercise performed.

Attach GenerationFit’s Flat Band Handles easily to your flat bands and maximize your workouts. Flat band exercises have never been easier to do thanks to our breakthrough design made strictly for resistance flat band use. Add resistance to anything from rehabilitation to muscle toning, pilates, yoga, even physical therapy exercises with GenerationFit’s Heavy Resistance Flat Band Kit. Superior elasticity and durability guaranteed. As you grow stronger, proceed to the next level band.

With the reliable resilience provided by GenerationFit’s Heavy Resistance Flat Band Kit you can use the band safely and easily to meet any fitness objectives.

Turn Any Door Into A Gym With The Door Anchor

Insert the door anchor at various levels to achieve upper body, lower body and core workouts.
Customize your workouts. The possibilities are endless. For those suffering from injuries – Use the door anchor comfortably while sitting on a chair to perform your workouts. This is where durability and functionality are as good as it gets.

It’s time to take your resistance band workout to a whole new level.

Benefits Of Using Flat Bands:

Flat bands provide variable resistance. As you exercise, the motion causes you to work against the driving force of resistance of the band. Which means, as you do that bicep curl, other muscles are being asked to stabilize you for support. Core muscles and additional muscles that provide assistance are recruited throughout the workout.

A proven form of strength training. Flat bands go beyond therapy and rehab, use them for muscle gain, toning, functional training, pilates, yoga, core and flexibility exercises.

GenerationFit’s Heavy Resistance Flat Band Kit comes highly recommended by healthcare professionals.Chest Press



Flat Bands Versus Weights:

Hip Abduction with Flat Bands


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