Glide Discs

Glide Your Way To A Better Body

Get ready to use your muscles in a new way. Boost cardio, gain strength, improve core muscles in every movement you do.

These compact discs add an entire new dimension to your workout while remaining joint-friendly. High intensity + low risk = a magical combination.

With minimal space needed, you’ll be able to sculpt your entire body, fire up the core muscles and burn fat at home or anywhere you go.


Try this full body gliding discs set:


1. Mountain Climbers

Gliding Mountain Climbers

2. Hamstring Curls

Gliding Hamstring Curls


3. Wall Chest Flyes

Gliding Wall Chest Flyes

4. Side Lunges

Gliding Side Lunge


5. Plank Jacks

Gliding Plank Jacks

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