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If you don’t own a pair of gliding discs, now is the time to invest.

GenerationFit has designed their Gliding Discs larger than the industry-standard 7 inch, allowing for ¾ of an inch more space to place your hands or feet.

Our gliding discs are designed so that you can use them on both carpet and hard floors, allowing you to complete exercises in a smooth and gliding motion.

Small enough to fit in your gym bag or office desk drawer, GenerationFit’s Gliding Discs are an ideal fitness tool for cardio, strength, core, and balance training.

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Gliding Discs Provide A Budget-Friendly Low Impact Workout

GenerationFit specifically designed their Gliding Discs to transform movements into smoother lines. As a result, actions become engaging and purposeful.

Proven results, this perfect portable and budget-friendly training tool is valuable for getting a total-body workout at home or anywhere. Gliders help you achieve optimal range of motion and offer the benefit of a more fluid and smooth workout.

You won’t jolt your joints using gliding discs. If you are tired of feeling like a workout hurts you more than it helps you, try using these portable discs.


A Breakthrough Must-Have For Your Workout

Benefits go far beyond the convenience factor—gliders can improve your strength, core and endurance.

Grab a set of gliding discs and sculpt from head-to-toe with a full-body routine. The glider pushup combines the benefits of a bench press and a chest fly. For legs, try new and effective lunge variations. Challenge your core with plank knee-in’s or pikes.

A significant benefit of using our gliders is essentially every exercise with this effective fitness tool will engage and strengthen your core. Not only are super-charging your workout, you will find you are always working to keep your body stable.

As can be seen, gliding discs are about to revolutionize your workout and will, without a doubt, multiple options to your routine.

Compact Cardio

GenerationFit’s Gliding Discs help provide a new twist to cardiovascular exercise. Sure, there is the standard cardio equipment – the bike, the treadmill, and the elliptical trainer. Those get old and take up too much space in the house. They don’t travel well. Its easy to see that gliding discs are the best option!

Kick up your cardio program with mountain climbers using your discs. Perform burpees with gliding discs, try skiers – lunging side to side with glide discs under feet in a flowing motion. Certainly you’ll find plenty of new exercise ideas!


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  1. Lori Bowyer

    5 stars
    I bought these to do work outs when I can’t get to the gym.Love them know I take them to the gym.

    • Kelly

      Terrific! Thank you Lori!

  2. Sara V.

    Love the workouts I can do with these!

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