Picture of light resistance Power Band
Pull Up Assist Power Band-Light Resistance

GenerationFit’s Red Light Resistance Power Band is a strong, thick resistance band, durable enough for a variety of exercises. Made of premium quality 100% natural rubber latex. Ideal for stretching, improving range of motion, pull up assists and building strength.

Red: ½ inch thick, Light Resistance, 41 inches loop length

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Flat Bands with Handles
Premium Flat Resistance Band Set

GenerationFit’s Premium Flat Band Set with Handles increases the amount of exercises you can perform. Set includes three levels of resistance bands and a set of handles.

Bands are eco-friendly 100% natural latex. Versatile, safer on your joints, lightweight and adaptable to all fitness levels.

Handles provide a comfortable workout by preventing flat bands from slipping out of sweaty hands.

Our flat band handles attach quickly and easily to your bands.

Great for yoga, pilates, core and flexibility training.

Band Dimensions: 6″ X 60″

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