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The industry experts have spoken. Sports and fitness associations have identified the current trends, and which are here to stay post Covid-19.

Covid-19 has changed the fitness industry. More people are working from home and working out at home. And while the pandemic has changed how we engage in exercise, it certainly has not stopped the desire for fitness training and especially its health benefits.

Fitness trends that here to stay:

Homes are Gyms

The home fitness revolution has been going on for decades, but recent events have caused a massive surge in home fitness. Virtual workouts and home gyms are leading the way. Post pandemic, the home workout craze will continue.

Sweating at home in 2021 will be more creative, health based, and individualized. People want multi-use fitness products to work more muscle groups with less gear. For this reason, resistance bands have become more popular than ever. Virtually instructed workouts make it easy. The experts caution – Be sure you work with a qualified trainer. With everything from workout apps to live-streamed fitness classes, technology is transforming home workouts. At home workouts are incredibly convenient, and we all know that convenience is king! 

Mindful Workouts

Yes, yoga and pilates plus more! Exercise is a healthy go-to for stress management. Practicing mindfulness provides many of the same benefits; it helps manage anxiety and even depression. Knowing we can use both mindfulness and exercise to help with stress, people are now combining both methods. 

It works! Focusing on what you are doing and why leads to better results. Clearing your mind, removing distractions, to-do lists, and allowing yourself to be present makes an impact. During the workout, focus on breathing, the movements and the benefits of treating yourself well.

With a deeper connection to the body comes a stronger body and more mental relaxation.

More Tech     

It’s clear that the fitness industry has reinvented itself. Technology has been the fastest growing category. Wearables, apps, AI, virtual training, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Advancing technology and business innovation will continue to shape our active lifestyles. It’s good to know that there is going to be tech with more focus on health. Less  heavier, faster, harder. More holistic, training for “real life” along with specialization in particular clientele such as risk groups. (Amen!)

Though pricey, and requiring a subscription, the smart home gyms biz has boomed during the pandemic. This has prompted the future of newcomers in the arena. What’s on the horizon? Look for creativity and playfulness, ways to work together for group goals.

Functional Training

Functional training improves strength, stability, and mobility. What we need to succeed in the activities we perform in everyday life. It’s about building strength the way we will use it, and the right way. Even athletes use functional training, as it enhances their sports performance. While increasing your overall strength helps you move better, combining strength training with exercises that mirror the movements of daily activities can provide an even more effective training routine. “Thanks” to the pandemic, we now have access to virtual physical therapists who specialize in functional training and more.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is no longer an option but a necessity. In the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic, something has become clear: The wellness of employees must be a priority. Remotely or in-office, bringing fitness and mindfulness practices into the work week provides a myriad of benefits for employers and employees alike. These programs play an important role in boosting employees’ physical and mental health. It makes sense. An employee with good health cost less for an organization towards their healthcare expenses. In addition, workers make few absentees per year which improves productivity for the company. These cost-saving benefits are driving the growth of the corporate wellness market.

Movement Matters, Because Health Matters

People are focused on their health now more than ever. Both mental and physical. As the industry trends show, there will be more focus on health. Yes, muscles matter. Because movement matters. Let’s remember the difference between training for vanity versus training for health. Let’s also remind ourselves that healthy is beautiful. Things have just gotten real people. 

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