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Confused by what is meant by strength training? Strength training (weight & resistance training = same thing) is basically any exercise that forces your muscles to contract under some form of resistance. The resistance can come from many things: dumbbells, resistance bands, machines, even your own body weight – as in squats and pull-ups, for example.

If you think you’re too old or too out of shape for strength training, think again. People have successfully started strength training in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s with positive results. The same goes for people who are overweight, inactive, and fatigued. There is definitely no such thing as being too old or too out of shape to benefit.

Ask yourself – Do you really want to spend the last 10-20 years of life marred with chronic illness or related complications? Heck no! Instead, would you like to improve the overall quality of life as you age? Strength training will add numerous benefits to your health, improving the caliber of your life. And trust me, it is never too late to build muscle & improve bone health.

Resistance bands are the preferred strength training tool, as there’s less joint stress involved, with more core activation. Tried and true, now you know why you see them in physical therapy offices.

Train for real life. Resistance bands allow you to challenge your muscles from different angles, which mimics everyday tasks.

New to strength training? Try this 2 X week workout routine with a resistance band. It incorporates all the muscle groups. The benefits? Stick with it and in time you’ll experience an increase in your metabolism and a lower amount of body fat.

 Day 1:

Try this 5 minute routine with a resistance band:

  • Chest press for 1 minute
  • Tricep extension for 1 minute. Switch arms after 30 seconds
  • Seated overhead band stretch outs with alternating leg extensions (lift leg straight out) for 1 minute
  • Seated leg lifts. Wrap band tightly over leg, hold down each side and lift thigh. 30 seconds per leg.
  • Knee planks or full plank 2x 30 seconds

Day 2:

Try this 5 minute routine with a resistance band:

  • Rows with band for 1 minute
  • Lateral shoulder raises for 1 minute, alternate sides
  • Seated leg extensions with band. Switch legs after 30 seconds
  • Bicep curls for 1 minute
  • Balance exercise: Single leg standing, 30 second per leg. Hold onto countertop or sturdy chair with fingertips if needed.

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