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Meditation: Finding Peace In Spite of Covid

Meditation has always been a good idea, and it is particularly wise now as we deal with a global pandemic. We need all the calm we can get these days, and meditation is an ideal way to get it. Since learning meditation is free and requires no equipment, it is easy to get started with your own meditation practice at home — GenerationFit presents some tips below.

Benefits of Meditation

Why is meditation so good for us? Studies have shown that people who meditate experience reduced memory problems and inflammation within the body as well as improved sleep and greater immunity levels. Meditation also lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, decreases resting heart rates, and reduces the rate of many illnesses as a result of improving autonomic nervous system response.

Meditation offers the additional benefit of mental clarity and emotional calm. It has the ability to decrease rates of anxiety and depression and promote better sleep quality.

Getting Started

As you begin your meditation practice, find a spot in your home where you are less likely to be interrupted. A dedicated space for meditation can offer credence to your intention of cultivating internal peace and relaxation. Your meditation space can be simple. The fewer distractions you have as you enter this mindful state, the better. The mind provides enough distraction without the additional stimuli, so try to find a spot that is relatively sparse to enhance your ability to focus your attention on the moment and your breathing.

You may have seen pictures of people meditating while sitting in the lotus position on the floor. While that position certainly has benefits, it isn’t imperative that you wrangle yourself into that position if it is impractical for your physical health needs. The beauty of meditation is in its simplicity; you can practice meditation and mindfulness anywhere and in any number of ways. Many people find that guided meditations offer a helpful format for getting started, as they advise ways to clear the mind and still the body. Just make sure you devote time to your meditation practice; by repeating something on a regular basis, it becomes a part of your routine and lifestyle. So don’t give up if you struggle during the early days.

The main agenda of meditation is to be present in the moment, releasing thoughts of the past or future and creating a space for the mind to be unhindered by distraction. One of the skills that meditation teaches is the observation of our thoughts. We are so accustomed to moving through our daily lives without realizing our thought content; meditation helps us observe our mental processes and gently reminds us to release those thoughts and bring attention back to our breathing. As we continue to practice meditation, it becomes easier to access that state of mind. You may even find that this practice brings you greater awareness of aspects of your home that invoke stress within your mind and body. It can be useful to set an intention to refresh the energy in your home to support and promote the continuation of stress reduction.

Increasing Peace Throughout Your Home

There are many ways to refresh your home and create vibrance and positive energy that will reduce daily stress levels. Decluttering your space and cleaning is a powerful way to reclaim your home and feel at peace in your space. Open doors and windows to let fresh air into your home on a regular basis. Infusing fresh air and cleaning surfaces of high traffic areas is especially important in the time of Covid-19.

As you begin your meditation journey and refresh your home for greater peace and clarity, remember to set a sustainable plan for continuing this plan. Meditation and home refreshment are helpful ways to reset your energy levels when practiced consistently and regularly.

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