Working Out With Loop Bands

Here’s a killer core workout you can do anywhere, anytime. We are delivering 5 powerful core moves using only a loop band.

More proof that the best tools you can keep in your workout arsenal are resistance bands! 

This 5 move routine uses a loop band and is tougher than any gym workout.


We love loop bands! Small and easy to store yet pack a big punch. And with 3 levels of resistance, you progress up to the next level as you grow stronger. Are you ready to challenge your obliques and your entire abdominal wall? Fantastic! This combination also includes upper and lower body muscles, making it a full body powerhouse routine.


Aim for 3 rounds of 8-15 reps, depending on your fitness level. 

Go on, sweat it out and have FUN! 


  1. Lunge, Rotations with Pull-Aparts – Lunge back, rotate your torso and pull out the band with straight arms. Your entire body will feel this! This move involves all the major muscle groups.
  2. Banded Bicycle Abs – When you add resistance from the band, it ups the core challenge! Your abs and obliques will get a tough workout. So will your hip flexors and leg muscles. Trainer tip: Instead of contacting elbow and knee, focus on drawing knee and armpit toward each other, which forces the obliques to work harder.
  3. Spiderman Push-Ups – As you drop into that push-up, draw your knee towards your elbow. Alternate sides. This is a core-targeting workout, taking it a step up from a traditional push-up. It adds an intense core boost, targeting the abdomen, obliques and back muscles. Expect to feel the burn in your chest, triceps, shoulders, and abdomen, while also feeling involvement through your hips and legs, particularly your quadriceps.
  4. Banded Side Planks – Lie on your side, in a side plank position. With the band around your ankles, hold feet hip-width apart and maintain this position for 20 seconds. A great way to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles, which don’t get worked during ab exercises such as crunches. You will also be strengthening your outer thigh muscles.
  5. Single Leg Balanced Row – Bend forward, other leg straight back, and then row the band back. Extend the elbow just beyond your torso, arm close to you. Focus on maintaining balance (tough!). An excellent exercise to work the back side of the body: back, glutes, and hamstrings. As a single-leg exercise, it’s going to challenge your body’s ability to balance and stabilize. This is harder than it looks!


Resistance band workouts have gained tremendous popularity this year, as more people are working out from home. Fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike choose resistance bands for their strengthening benefits along with their versatility. Bands are ideal because they take workouts to the next level, example: these 5 powerful core moves with a resistance loop band. And with resistance bands that range from easy to super strong, the exercise variations are endless. Did you try this killer core & more routine? We sure would love to hear about it! Leave a comment. Feel free to hit “share” to help others hear about the workout.

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